Professional Sign Letter Products

Plastic Sign Letters

Plastic never looked so good, or lasted so long... these are guaranteed for life by Gemini.

These quality products can be used in permanent building signage & high quality plastic letters on your building will not mean a "cheap" sign appearance... they actually look pretty good.

There are many different plastic lettering products available that allow just the right look for your project.

Sheets of CAB material, heated & vacuum formed over molds making these dimensional plastic letters.

Plastic letters that look like cast metal letters due to the sharp edge returns. Available in 6 typestyles

Almost any typestyle or design is available using precision cut acrylic. Thickness up to 1½".

These laminated letters can be used for beautiful interior signs, like lobby walls & reception areas.

Formed Plastic Sign Letters

Formed Plastic Letters

Select from dozens of typestyles to make your custom business sign unique. A collection of many standard and custom colors are available in these durable sign letters. Thermo-formed plastic letters offer greater dimension than flat cut acrylic letters.

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High Quality Production Facilities

Cut Acrylic Letters

Cut Acrylic letters (or flat plastic letters) are produced by cutting your design from a sheet of high quality acrylic material using state-of-the-art equipment. Because there are no molds required, a custom design can quickly be reproduced at a reasonable cost.

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Injection Molded Plastic Sign Letters

Injection Molded Letters

Select from styles commonly used in business signs. A collection of many standard and custom colors are available in these durable sign letters. Injection molded plastic letters offer a dimensional letter alternative to cast metal letters.

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Laminated Acrylic Letters

Laminate Letters

This type of sign lettering is used for lobby & reception areas, trade show displays, and in-store signage. You can choose from several face laminates to be applied to acrylic or foam backing and almost any type style can be used.

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Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

If a Gemini product breaks, fades, or otherwise fails, Gemini will make it right.

This means if any Gemini product, installed in it's rated environment (interior or exterior) ever cracks, chips, breaks, or fades... Gemini will refinish or replace at no cost to you. Simply arrange to return the defective product.

Confidence in offering this Lifetime Guarantee is because Gemini has tested the materials and coatings for prolonged exposure to salt, moisture, heat, and UV.

Sign Letters Service

No Stress... We've Got This.

Our sign letter products have literally thousands of possible combinations: size, material, thickness, finish, mounting, etc. --- don't get overwhelmed --- allow us to help! We are happy to work with you to refine your choices. You want the perfect sign... we want you to have it.

Mounting templates & spacing tapes are available to assist you with installation for a truly professional result. You are always welcome to contact us for last minute pointers or tips.

Sign Letters Service

Thank You

We are very thankful to be considered your sign letter source... Thank You for letting us serve you! Whether you need injection molded plastic, thermoformed plastic, foundry cast or waterjet cut metal, changeable letters or flat cut-out acrylic... SignLettersOnline provides dimensional sign letter products of the highest quality. Again, Thank You for letting us help bring your ideas to life with professional sign letters. Feel free to get in touch with us about any questions you have or visit our online store for sign letters to get started on your project.